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Local Spotlight: Getting to Know Coco and June

In this edition of Local Spotlight I’m interviewing local business owner and entrepreneur, Emily Kurth, owner of Coco and June. This beautiful soul specializes in bringing joyful art into your life.

After a life altering diagnosis with strict doctor’s orders to reduce her stress, Emily went on a mission to surround herself with all things joy.  We’re talking books, people, and of course art.  

There’s just something so peaceful about sitting and gazing at something beautiful, even if your dog’s behind is in your face and your kids are screaming at each other.

Read on to get know more about Coco and June with owner Emily Kurth…

C’Anna: Thank you for chatting with me! I have several questions for you so let’s jump right in … For readers who may not be familiar with you, or Coco & June, tell me a little about how you got started and what inspired you to go into business.

Emily: Coco & June started in 2013 after many years of being a stay at home mom.  When my kids were all in school, I rediscovered my creativity and artistic ability.  I was a very creative child and teenager, but got really busy as an adult and forgot all about it!  I’m somewhat impulsive, so I decided to turn it into a business.  It’s been an absolute blast and I’m super grateful that I get to do this for a living!

C’Anna: Your pieces are so unique and beautiful. Talk to me about your creative process. What inspires you? Do you have any new offerings in the works that we haven’t seen before (i.e. the painted vans, etc)
Emily: Thank you!!  I was raised by a very artistic mom so art has always been a part of my life.  I’m very inspired by color.  I absolutely love beautiful colors!  My favorite way to paint is to turn on some really good music and go to town!  I am most inspired in my home studio in the morning with natural light!  My holiday collection will be launching on my birthday November 11.  The collection will feature this year’s new ornaments, an earring collaboration with Gold Dust and a really fun surprise collaboration with Cattle Drive Leather out of Oregon.
C’Anna: What advice do you have for someone who is interested in investing in art, and what’s to own something beautiful, but feels overwhelmed or intimidated by the process?

Emily: Ok, this is my absolute favorite question!  My site says it best…”You don’t have to be Miss Fancy Pants to own great art!”  I used to try to follow home decor rules when we first bought our home.  Then it hit me….I don’t even like this stuff!  So now I would say my style cannot be categorized.  It’s just if it inspires me and I love it, then it belongs in my home.  That’s how I feel about art.  It doesn’t have to fit into some prescribed style that you’ve seen on Instagram.  Do you love it?  Does your personality come through in it?  Then buy it!  Hang it in your home.  Make yourself happy.  Simple.

Also, I make the custom art process very straightforward and FUN!  When someone orders custom art from me, we have a call to get all the details.  Then, I turn on my jams and get to work.  When the client receives their art, it comes ready to hang.  Easy Peesy!

C’Anna: Do you have a favorite piece that you’ve created? 

Emily: My favorite piece is our giant ocean painting that hangs in our family room.  My middle son asked me to create an ocean painting since the beach is our absolute favorite place.  I loved every second of creating that painting and now it’s there for my entire family to enjoy.  It just takes us to our favorite place with all our sweet memories!

C’Anna: Like many creatives in today’s world, you don’t have a brick and mortar storefront or gallery. How and where can people find your creations?

Emily:I have an online shop which thankfully was in full effect before COVID hit.  My in person markets were cancelled this year so I was so grateful for my online shop and all my wonderful customers!!  My site is  I also love Instagram so follow along there…we have lots of fun! 

I’m on Facebook too!

C’Anna: Do you have any upcoming #shoplocal in-person or virtual events?
Emily:  Due to COVID, The Handcrafted Cooperative, the market that I participate in 3 times a year, was cancelled so I don’t have any in person events for the rest of 2020.  Hopefully 2021 will allow live markets.  In the meantime, head to my site on November 11 for my holiday launch.  Also, if you want sneak peeks, secret discounts, and overall acts of favoritism, lol, join my email list HERE
I am thrilled to partner with Emily to giveaway a collection of Coco and June’s beautiful notecards! To enter, head over my giveaway page HERE!
Winner will be contacted the last week of October!
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