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Local Spotlight: Getting to Know Bella Beloved Co

In this edition of Local Spotlight I’m interviewing local business owner and entrepreneur, Brittney Rutledge, owner of Bella Beloved Co. In 2017 Brittney created Bella Beloved Co, a collection of handmade, small-batch beauty products.

Brittney works full-time in the mental health space while operating Bella Beloved. She’s a wife, and a fantastic mother to two beautiful boys. I’m excited to partner with Brittney to giveaway a collection of her most popular products to one lucky winner. Details on how to win are below.

Read on to get know more about BellaBeloved…

C’Anna: Thank you for chatting with me! I have several questions for you so let’s jump right in….what inspired you to begin creating products and open your business?

Brittney: Bella Beloved Co started in 2017. For Christmas that year I decided to make my family and friends homemade products as gifts. I made handmade body butters and pink Himalayan body scrubs. I was so excited to gift my loved ones that year.

I’ve always been interested in bath and body products as well as health and beauty. At the time I was vegetarian and all about the vegan skincare/green beauty. This was also around the time I bought my very first bottle of doTERRA essential oil “OnGuard.”  I become very health conscious after the birth of my first son and began reading labels and researching all the chemicals and toxins in foods and skincare products. This was a huge motivator in starting my business.
C’Anna: What does your creative process entail? How do you dream up new products and what type of research or planning goes into the ingredients you use?
Brittney: My creative process typically involves my family. When it comes to envisioning a product I am inspired by what my family and/or myself need. For example, my newborn had super sensitive skin and I refused to use traditional baby products which are often filled with toxic ingredients (despite how lovely their baby lotion makes a baby smell). So, I created our “Calming Baby Butter”  that’s made with organic butters and Roman Chamomile essential oil. A lot of my facial products were inspired from my struggle with skincare. I have struggled with acne most of my life. As an adult my acne became cystic and extremely painful. Nothing over-the-counter was effective and my dermatologist at the time suggested that I start Accutane. I declined and took a step of faith and went the “all natural route”  so needless to say, with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Food Therapy, Acupuncture, Light Therapy, Detoxification and solely using my natural products I have been able to reduce my breakouts/acne drastically.
As far as planning the ingredients for my products it came naturally due to my lifestyle. I  was vegetarian for years and become very intrigued with all things plant-based. I have always been inspired and motivated by nature and in awe of how the Lord put so much beautiful detail and healing all around us. Bella Beloved Co is small batch green beauty made with all natural and organic butters, oils and botanicals. All products are made with love through prayer.
C’Anna: If someone is new to the world of natural beauty and self-care products, the options can be overwhelming. Where do you recommend they start?

Brittney: I would suggest starting with a simple facial scrub. Regularly using an exfoliating facial scrub is a great way to remove dead skin cells and reveal a more youthful, radiant glow. This happens due to the scrub bringing fourth a new layer of skin to the surface. Our Matcha Mint Face Scrub is the perfect product to jumpstart the natural beauty journey. It’s low maintenance and it’s recommended use is 1-2 times a week. 

What I believe Bella Beloved Co has that stands out from other skincare lines is that it is  not only affordable and effective but it’s functional. The skincare market is saturated with “specific usage” products making it a deterrent to care for your skin because it becomes expensive and time consuming. Bella Beloved has a minimalist approach and our products are multi-purpose and can easily be used on many areas of the body. Not only are our products stacked with power house ingredients but they are effective. The functionality of our products reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and simplifies one’s skincare process; saving time and money….what woman doesn’t want that?
C’Anna: If you had to pick – what are your favorite Bella Beloved Co products?
Brittney: Right now my favorite products are the Glow Getter facial scrub and the Sunflower Crown Scalp Serum.
C’Anna: Like many entrepreneurs in today’s market, you don’t have a brick and mortar storefront. How and where can people find your products?
Brittney: We sell on Etsy and you can find us on Instagram:  @Bellabeloved_ and Facebook at: BellaBelovedHandcraftedProducts
C’Anna: Do you have any upcoming #shoplocal events you’re participating in?
Brittney: We will be vending in the WV Woman Made Virtual Market June 1st accessed through Facebook HERE.
I am so excited to partner with Brittney to giveaway a collection of Bella Beloved Co’s most popular products! To enter, head over my giveaway page HERE!
Winner will be contacted the first week of July!
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